Now available! The legendary Teddy Ruxpin syndicated television library...65 x half hour classic episodes!  All rights available
except North American DVD rights.  

#1- 'The Treasure of Grundo'
#2- 'Beware of the Mudblups'
#3- 'Guests of the Grunges'
#4- 'In the Fortress of the Wizard'
#5- 'Escape from the Treacherous Mountains'
#6- 'Take a Good Look'
#7- 'Grubby's Romance'
#8- 'Tweeg's Mom'
#9- 'The Surf Grunges'
#10- 'The New MAVO Member'
#11- 'The Faded Fobs'
#12- 'The Medicine Wagon'
#13- 'Tweeg Gets the Tweezles'
#14- 'The Lemonade Stand'
#15- 'The Rainbow Mine'
#16- 'The Wooly What's-It'
#17- 'Sign of a Friend'
#18- 'One More Spot'
#19- 'Elves and Woodsprites'
#20- 'Grundo Graduation'
#21- 'Double Grubby'
#22- 'King Nogburt's Castle'
#23- 'The Day Teddy Met Grubby'
#24- 'Secret of the Illiops'
#25- 'Through Tweeg's Fingers'
#26- 'Uncle Grubby'
#27- 'The Crystal Book'
#28- 'Teddy and the Mudblups'
#29- 'Win One For the Twipper'
#30- 'Tweeg Joins MAVO.'
#31- 'The Mushroom Forest'
#32- 'Anything In the Soup'
#33- 'Captured'
#34- 'To the Rescue'
#35- 'Escape From MAVO'
#36- 'Leekee Lake'
#37- 'The Third Crystal'
#38- 'Up for Air'
#39- 'The Black Box'
#40- 'The Hard To Find City'
#41- 'Octopede Sailors'
#42- 'Tweeg the Vegetable'
#43- 'Wizardland'
#44- 'The Ying Zoo'
#45- 'The Big Escape'
#46- 'Teddy Ruxpin's Birthday'
#47- 'Wizardweek'
#48- 'Air and Water Races'
#49- 'The Great Grundo Ground Race'
#50- 'A Race To The Finish'
#51- 'Autumn Adventure'
#52- 'Gimmick's Gizmos and Gadgets'
#53- 'Harvest Feast'
#54- 'Wooly and the Giant Snowzos'
#55- 'Winter Adventure'
#56- 'Teddy's Quest'
#57- 'Thin Ice'
#58- 'Fugitives'
#59- 'Musical Oppressors'
#60- 'MAVO Costume Ball'
#61- 'Father's Day'
#62- 'The Journey Home'
#63- 'On the Beaches'
#64- 'L.B.'s Wedding'
#65- 'The Mystery Unravels'
The legend continues! The world's first talking bear, made famous 'round the world is back! Teddy Ruxpin has been
relaunched with a new "talking bear" Teddy Ruxpin toy and North American DVD releases of the original series.  Now, the
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*Nearly 20 million units of Teddy Ruxpin toys and merchandise have sold worldwide.

*TV series licensed in over 70 territories (all rights are again available except North American DVD), with over 1 million
video products sold.

and 2007 Creative Toy Magazine 'Toy of the Year' Award

65 x 30 TV Program Library now available worldwide except North American home video, plus 5 hour audio

TV Series Synopsis: Illiop Teddy Ruxpin (Illiops being bear-like creatures) leaves his homeland in Rillonia with his friend Grubby, an
octopede insect, in search of adventure. They meet up with an inventive scientist named Dr. Newton Gimmick who accompanies them on their
quest for the Treasure of Grundo. What the Trio unexpectedly find are six crystals with different meanings and powers. These crystals, however,
also can enable the Monsters and Villains Organization (MAVO) to have absolute power over the land, and the leader, Quellor, wants to make
sure that an Illiop never possesses the crystals. Elsewhere, a less pronounced threat also routinely besieges the Trio, which is the wannabe
villain Jack Tweeg, a greedy troll who has huge hopes for joining MAVO.
The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin Original TV Series
65 x 30 min.  Now Available...All Worldwide Rights!
(excluding North American DVD)
Teddy Ruxpin Toy 2007 with Software and Book

September 14th 1987 was the first air date for the Adventures of
Teddy Ruxpin  Produced by DiC Entertainment the series was first-run
through December 13th 1987.  DiC and WoW kept all of the same
voice actors that read in the books on staff to voice the characters in
the animated series. The story line followed the read along books and
cassettes. The series was designed to run Monday though Friday and
introduce one new story each week.

The main characters:

Teddy Ruxpin, He is an illiop, who lives on an Island called Rillonia,
which is just off the coast of Grundo. It was Teddy that found the
Treasure Map of Grundo in an old trunk in his house, and decided
that they were going to try to find it. Teddy is an extremely nice bear,
who never seems to raise his voice to anyone and has a knack of
making friends.

Grubby, A nervous caterpillar (Octopede). He dislikes adventure, but
Teddy Ruxpin is his friend and he will follow him anywhere. He likes
cooking and one of his specialities is Root Stew,  But don't tell him, as
the others think it tastes terrible. Teddy even used it a weapon fired
from a slingshot (it clogs up propellers).

Newton Gimmick,  An inventor who lives in 'Gimmicks Valley' and is
under constant attack from Tweeg, but he doesn't let that bother him.
He invented an airship, which consisted of a small galleon (wooden
ship), with a large balloon over it.

Jack W. Tweeg, He lives in a very tall, thin
castle which overlooks 'Gimmicks Valley'--and
he loves nothing more than using his telescope
to spy on Gimmick. He is always scared that
people will steal his secret formula, which makes
gold from buttermilk. Tweeg is so paranoid that he thinks Gimmick is
forming an army against him. So he keeps firing cannon balls at
Gimmick's house to make him leave, but he is a terrible shot and
never hits the target. He tries to be evil, but never carries it off

L.B. , He is a bounder and a little bit thick. He was the one that alerted
Tweeg to the presence of the Grundo. He is always upsetting Tweeg,
by calling him Twink, Twaz and any other word beginning with 'T'..

Quellor, He is the leader of M.A.V.O. (the Monsters and Villains
Organization) and is also known as the Supreme Oppressor. He is on
a quest to get all 6 of the Crystals, as it has been foretold that
obtaining all 6 and placing them into the 6 gaps on the M.A.V.O. wall
will stop any threat of goodness to them.